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After prosthesis

To save the tooth, which set a crown, it is particularly important to remove plaque and food debris from between the teeth and gingival grooves - places where the tooth is in contact with the gum. To do this, in addition to a set of Hygiene toothbrush and toothpaste should be dental floss and brushes.

Effective care for removable dentures involves the use of mechanical and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning is necessary to make a mandatorybefore bedtime, and ideally - after each meal. Denture should be special or manual toothbrush, designed just for this purpose. First, rinse the denture with water, then clean the interior and exterior surfaces of the denture. Some people use paste or gel to clean the denture, also the usual soap is fit too. After mechanical cleaning thoroughly rinse protez.Special attention should be given to cleaning the front of the denture of the mandible and lateral parts of the denture of the upper jaw. In addition to regular cleaning, caring for dentures, you can use special tablets and powders, solutions which clean, disinfect and remove the pigment coating.

This procedure is carried out once a week, placing the prosthesis in rastvor.Dentures advisable to clean and using an ultrasonic device, as the materials from which prostheses are made, rather porous and accumulate on the surface bacteria.You can find such devces in stores.

Today, given the perfection of technologies of production, it all depends on the patient's desire: to remove or keep dentures at nigth.But, do not forget about your gums. They feel much tension and it also needs rest from time to time.

Care thermoplastic dentures fabricated by injection molding, has its own characteristics. They can not be cleaned with abrasive pastes designed for cleaning metalic and akrilic dentures to avoid the risk of changing the color and texture. Purify such dentures with a soft toothbrush with dental abrasive paste. Brush over-filled sink or over a soft towel. 1-2 times per week use a special tool for cleaning removable dentures. Every 3-4 months do a professional cleaning at the dentist.