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Dental splinting

Dental splinting is a method which helps to decrease teeth mobility by using the removable or fixed splint. The method allows to regenerate the periodontium, stabilize teeth so that they are less likely to move, to prevent their loss.

When splinting, a splint is fixed onto the inside of the teeth under local anesthesia, filling material is put over it.

Thus, the whole set of teeth is joined and it excludes their mobility, moreover masticatory stress is distributed evenly on a jaw.

Dental splinting is used in the following cases:

1. marginal periodontitis;

2. after malocclusion treatment;

3. when the position of a tooth is wrong, and load is uneven while chewing

4.when the teeth roots are exposed

Methods of dental splinting and used materials.

1. Application of a suture splint. A dentist drills a slot on a surface from lingual part, then places a splint (wire) in it and puts filling material (stopping) over it. The suture splint used for maintaining or stabilizing mobile teeth in their functional position. During removal of the suture splint, slots are filled. Prostheses are used if one or more teeth are absent. Definition of their construction type is individual because the mouth cavity of each person has its specifics. Choice of a prosthesis depends on the age, number of the absent or mobile teeth, occlusion, damage of gums.

2. The adhesive dental bridge (when splinting) - is a special fiberglass tape, which is fixed on the next abutment teeth. With its help an artificial implant is installed.

3. Ribbond splinting - is an innovative method of teeth strengthening and missing teeth replacement. Ribbond tape is a modern material made on the basis of polyethylene. It is a biocompatible, bondable, colourless and transparent material, which may be combined with any other materials, widely used in dentistry today. It is used when teeth mobility is 1-2 categories; essential loss of a bone tissue; after orthodontic therapy; after dental dislocation and subluxation.

Modern splints don't prevent to carry out hygienic procedures in an oral cavity and don't injure tissues (when using a toothbrush). Before procedure the oral cavity is sanitized and if it is necessary a patient makes an X-ray picture (to analyze the condition of roots).

The main objective of splinting: splinting reduces teeth looseness and reallocates masticatory stress on teeth.