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Сaries treatment

Сaries (tooth decay) treatment

There are some theories of an origin of caries. In the first century A.D. ancient Roman doctors linked caries development to gastrointestinal disturbance and acids presence in an oral cavity. Сenturies passed, but the problem remains actual to this day.

In translation from Latin the word "caries" means "rotting", that is destruction of hard tooth tissues with a cavity formation. First of all enamel destruction is connected with bacteria actions that split carbohydrates.

Causes of Tooth Decay:

  • teeth hygiene noncompliance;
  • use of sweets and flour products;
  • malnutrition; protein, mineral and vitamin deficiency; change of saliva quality;
  • lack of calcium;
  • absence in diet of crude vegetables and fruits (while chewing them teeth clear themselves);
  • nutrition of a mother during pregnancy (children'stooth developmentbegins while thebabyis in the womb between the term of six and eight weeks, and mother's nutrition directly influences on kid's bones);
  • fluorine deficiency;
  • malfunction of an organism;
  • individual peculiarities and chemical composition of enamel;
  • stress.

Stages of caries developing and symptoms

1. Early stage: pigmented or white spot. Color of enamel changes - there is a white or yellowish spot. If a pigmented spot - tooth tissue is affected more deeply, up to a dentine. The process is asymptomatic, only a dentist can notice it. Demineralization occurs under the influence of acids during carbohydrates splitting by bacteria. Acid dissolves minerals of enamel. The dental deposit is an excellent habitat for microbes.

2. Late stage: defect of hard tooth tissues (superficial, median and deep caries). Superficial caries develops on a spot's place, enamel becomes demolished to the dentine. A patient seldom feels pain. Median caries envelopes a surface layer of dentine, sometimes a patient feels small pain. A doctor during examination finds a cavity with a soft dentine. Deep caries affects the most part of dentine. A patient can feel pain under the influence of temperature and mechanical irritants. In the absence of treatment the pulpitis develops, and after - periodontitis, and then not to avoid dental surgery.

It is important in time to notice caries developing and to begin teeth treatment, that is why it is necessary to visit a dentist regularly. In our clinic caries treatment is painless and we use up-to-date equipment, the durable and photocured materials. The earlier you start treating teeth, the easier you avoid caries complications.

Superficial, median and deep caries is treated in the following way:

  • using of local anesthesia (anaesthetization);
  • opening of the carious cavity (the dentine is softer than enamel as there are less mineral substances in it and under the enamel the big affected cavity is formed and it needs to be cleaned);
  • removal of the invaded tissue and manipulation of the cavity;
  • tooth filling and its restoration.

Prevention of dental caries

In order our teeth were healthy it is necessary:

  • to keep oral cavity hygiene (to brush teeth twice a day, to train children from 2-3 years to clean teeth);
  • to restrict carbohydrates and sweets, to enrich your menu with fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • to visit a dentist who if necessary will seal fissures (furrows on a surface of teeth), because dental plaque accumulates there and it can't be cleaned with a brush and the stomatologist will apply fluorine varnish to the tooth's surface.