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Stomatology for smokers

Quest. How smoking affects the health of your teeth, and, in general, the oral cavity?
Ans.: Most people already know that smoking causes great harm to human health. It causes many diseases, in some cases, even death. But still, many smokers do not realize that smoking is harmful and yet the oral cavity: gums and teeth.
Smoking makes your teeth yellow and gums - the sick, eventually leading to tooth loss, and in the worst case - to cancer of the mouth.

Quest.: Why do teeth turn yellow?
Ans.: One of the few visible effects of smoking - it's yellowing teeth. It occurs due to the large amount of tar in tobacco smoke. They make a smoker's teeth yellow very quickly, and smokers become owners of almost brown teeth.

Quest. How smoking affects the gums and teeth?
Ans.: Smoking in most cases leads to gum disease. Patients who smoke, with greater intensity than non-smokers in the mouth breed bacteria that cause gum disease. Gums more susceptible to hazardous bacteria, because smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the blood, which prevents the recovery of infected gums. Smoking also contributes to a more intense formation of tartar and more rapid development of gum disease than non-smokers. A gum disease, in turn, are the main cause of tooth loss in adults.

Quest.: As smoking is associated with cancer?
Ans.: Many have heard that smoking can cause lung cancer or throat, but not everyone knows that smoking can also cause cancer and oral cavity. Each year, tens of thousands of people worldwide die from oral cancer caused by smoking.

Quest.: Are there special facilities for the care of their teeth for smokers?
Ans.: Yes, there is special toothpaste for smokers. They may be more abrasive than usual, so they should be used with caution. Some of these pastes are patented whitening formula, and relatively effectively remove yellow plaque, caused by smoking. But in general, it's tilting at windmills.

Quest.: What can you say about mouthwash?
Ans.: People who smoke can easily notice that their breathing is the same freshness. Products refreshing breath like mouthwash, can help solve this problem, but only for a very short time. It is important to understand that they do not address the cause, but only mask the true picture.

Quest.: How often should I visit the dentist a smoker?
Ans.: It is important that you visit your dentist regularly - for a routine check for the full semi-annual inspection to ensure that any problems could be solved at an early stage. In extreme cases, dentists should visit at least once a year. Smokers more prone to gum disease and tooth decay, not to mention the yellowness, so they may need more frequent meetings not only with the dentist-physician, but also an expert in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

Quest.: What your dentist can help a smoker?
Ans. : A dentist checks the condition of the teeth, gums and whole mouth in order to ensure their normal state. He will also check your cheeks, tongue and throat to detect symptoms of possible diseases and conduct the necessary research. All this will help in time to take steps not only to treat the affected teeth, but also to detect more serious diseases, including cancer.

Quest.: Do the smoker any additional therapy?
Ans.: Your dentist may refer you to a specialist in aesthetic dentistry, such as brushing your teeth from plaque and control health of your mouth. Usually smokers to remove the yellow plaque and dental plaque required a visit in 3-4 months.