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Teeth whitening

In dentistry, aesthetic issues always are in the spotlight. Dentition defects affect not only the person's appearance, but can cause an inferiority complex.

The head of the therapeutic department № 2 JSC "9th dental clinic," the dentist Irina Valahanovich says - In recent years, the practice of dentistry includes such kinds of aesthetic restoration of form and color of teeth, as cermet dentures, manufacturing laminates, veneers. Dental whitening as a method of aesthetics restoration arouses interest of doctors and patients. It allows to satisfy the most demanding clients.

Does not Dental Whitening have any contraindications?

- There are contraindications. They can be divided into two groups: general and dental. General contraindications - an allergic reaction to the bleaching agent, pregnancy and lactation, infancy patient. Dental contraindications - big carious cavities, neck of tooth exposure, erosion and other defects in the cervical area, gum disease, implementation of orthodontic treatment. In addition, there are dental contra-problems related to the state of enamel. It can be deep cracks in it, gum growth or pathological gum recession, and if there is teeth restoration.

Must dental whitening be only in the clinic facilities?

- Currently, there are clinical (in-office) and home whitening. It may be their combination. But previously a patient needs to consult a specialist. A dentist identifies those teeth that are really need to white, defines contraindications and in time stops the process. By the way the process is taken photographs, it allows to see the results. In addition, in each case a positive effect should be compared with potential risks to the health of the teeth.

No matter how attractive is teeth whitening, but only the doctor knows what to offer in each case. It is very important not only to get momentary effect, but to give a patient a snow-white smile for long years.