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Cosmetic dentistry

Restoring oral health has become standard for most dental clinics. But recently many patients make quite well-founded demands also to esthetic result of our teamwork. Experts of our clinic are proud that they can offer the clients not only "high technologies" qualitative treatment, but also possibility to receive more esthetic result, and also the preventive programs, that allow to keep it for a long time.

Stomatologists-therapists of our clinic as esthetic alternative to statement of standard qualitative seals can offer art restoration of tooth. Specialist restores tooth structure by using nanocomposite filling material to yield a result better than it was a gift of nature.

Excellent result is possible to reach by means of microprosthetics (cover with veneers and tabs). The esthetic result is supported by functional reliability.

Using unique methods of aesthetic reconstruction of the gingival margin doctor periodontist will restore the natural contour of the gums, modified periodontal diseases, traumatic surgical interventions in the past. High aesthetic dental restoration perceived as more natural, if the contour of the gingival margin corresponds with that of healthy gums, natural grounds of youth. If the teeth are, unfortunately, lost, then the ideal solution in such situation would be their replacement by implants.