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+375172853644 (факс)

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Пн - пт: 07.30 - 21.00
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Минск, ул. Захарова, д. 52, к. 2

Dental laboratory

Dental laboratory Our clinic has its own dental laboratory, equipped with the most modern, high-tech equipment that allows to provide the full range of dental services:


  • Manufacture ceramic-metal crowns
  • Production of special alloys for metal-ceramic crowns
  • Making all-ceramic crowns

Manufacture of veneers

  • Manufacture of ceramic veneers
  • Manufacture of composite veneers

Manufacturing tabs and caps
Removable and fixed prostheses on implants
Manufacture of dentures

  • Manufacture of nylon prostheses
  • Manufacture of clasp dentures
  • Manufacture ceramic-metal artificial

Repair of dentures

In our laboratory work only highly qualified specialists, dental technicians, who will help you make a (repaired) denture in the shortest terms.