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3D - рентгенодиагностика в ОАО «9-я стоматологическая поликлиника» по приятным ценам!!!Справки по тел. +375172940094;+375447940094;+375333640094. В ОАО «9-я стоматологическая поликлиника» требуются на постоянную работу врач-стоматолог-ортодонт,врач-стоматолог-ортопед; медицинская сестра с квалификационной категорией!!! Звонить по тел.+375 17 294 84 13

Oral Surgery

Doctors of the surgical department of our dental clinic is not confined to removing teeth, but also spend operation for saving your teeth.

Actively engaged in restoration-preparatory dental surgery, in cases when the deficit of bone tissue makes it difficult to install the implants.

Aims and objectives of Operative Dentistry:

  • Creating conditions for dental implantation.
  • Stable functional outcome.
  • Creating conditions for achieving aesthetic result.
  • Carry out dental implantation surgery, with advanced computer analysis and planning.