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Periodontics is the branch of dentistry, that deals with diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gum disease. Therefore, in our clinic, we attach importance to the treatment of this type of pathology. The most common disease occurring in periodontology - gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease. Any disease, including inflammation of the gums is much easier to cure in the first stage, than when it started. Therefore, all the doctors should carefully look after their teeth and gums, as well as undergo regular examination in periodontology. Do not delay treatment in dentistry, especially if you notice bleeding gums when biting hard foods or brushing your teeth.

Specialists of our clinic use the most advanced technology in the treatment of periodontal disease, which can stop the process of gum disease. The treatment can eliminate the swelling and bleeding gums and, consequently, reduce the mobility of the teeth.

Poor oral hygiene is a major cause of periodontal disease. Today, technology can help to remove dental plaque painless with ultrasound. For advanced cases, a number of periodontal operations, which reduce the mobility of the teeth. Thereby able to stop the inflammatory process in periodontal tissues.