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Приглашаем Вас на стоматологическое лечение!Мы принимаем к оплате карту рассрочки ВТБ-Банка "ЧЕРЕПАХА" - это 8 месяцев рассрочки! Еще больше красивых улыбок и день станет ярче!            У нас ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНЫЙ МАСОЧНЫЙ РЕЖИМ для посетителей!!!         Рабочие СУББОТЫ ФЕВРАЛЯ: 4.02.2023(9:00-15:00) , 11.02.2023 (9:00-15:00);18.02.2023 (9:00-15:00);25.02.2023 (9:00-15:00).         Время работы рентгенкабинета в ФЕВРАЛЕ: пн.-пт.: с 8:00 до 21:00; субботы: 4.02.2023 (9:00-14:30); 11.02.2023 (9:00-14:30);18.02.2023 (9:00-15:00) 25 февраля - рентген-кабинеты не работают.         Мы принимаем оплату «Картой покупок» от Белгазпромбанка и «КАРТАФАН» от БПС-Сбербанка – рассрочка 3 месяца!         В ОАО «Бел Стом Кристал» на постоянную работу СРОЧНО требуются: врач-стоматолог-хирург(имплантолог), врач-стоматолог-ортодонт, врач-стоматолог-ортопед, медицинская сестра (наличие квалификационной категории для всех специалистов обязательно), САНИТАРКА, уборщица помещений!!! По вопросам трудоустройства обращаться по номеру телефона: +375(17)2948413.              


90% of people have malocclusion, with more than 50% in need of orthodontic treatment. A correct occlusion in dentistry - a warning of a number of different diseases and the prevention of early tooth loss.

Install brackets and treatment is painless and causes no discomfort. Treatment time and the price depends on age and gravity anomalies, with an average of 1 to 2 years, although the visible improvement will be noticeable after 5-6 months. The process of installing braces done on an individual plan, and using a special program formed the calculation and monitoring of images.

Braces are a number of small locks, fixed on the front (labial) and internal (palatine, lingual) tooth surface. In the groove of each bracket is introduced common plastic, metal arc, having a perfect shape of the dentition and having "shape memory", by which the desired movement of teeth.

In our clinic, set the plastic and metal braces. The cost of different systems vary the materials used correction complexity.

Metal braces, or rather a whole bracket system is a non-removable orthodontic device. The main elements of such devices are braces (original locks, which are glued to each tooth using a special material) and the arc that unites braces and teeth in a single system. In addition, there are many supporting elements - various ligatures, rings, etc. Need such a device to correct functional and aesthetic disorders dental system. Namely, for malocclusion, improper position of teeth. Likewise, the loss of one or more teeth in the lateral division, with the help of braces is possible to close the resulting defect by collecting the remaining teeth in a single unit.

Nowadays, a wide variety of brackets, but the oldest and popular are metal braces. Of course it is the least aesthetic brackets, since they are very visible on the teeth. But that their functionality and quality does not suffer. And in relation to, such as ceramic or sapphire brackets have their pluses. The major plus for patients is their relative cheapness. From a functional point of view, the great advantage of metal brackets is the minimum force of friction between the groove and the arc, which greatly helps to reduce treatment time.

If you need orthodontic treatment and you have no prejudices and complexes, then the best option price and quality for you - it's metal braces. Of course, if you choose to conventional metal braces. And do not refer to the brackets, as a matter adversely affecting your appearance, because the contrary, this high rate of your culture because you care about your health and most importantly!

Plastic braces, along with the metal, are relatively inexpensive, but they are not as strongly evident as the metal. In this case, as well as any plastic has little strength and can lead to difficulties during treatment to correct malocclusion of teeth, for example, need to be ready to wear from chewing, fragility, etc. Damaged braces must be removed and re-glued locks.

Plastic brackets are also subject to the susceptibility to food additives and dyes. In particular, it is an important reason for refusing to choose a different kind of braces for people who smoke, drink coffee, wine, eat lots of berries, etc., ie, everything that can affect the color change of braces.

Of the benefits of plastic brackets may be noted that the fact that you can pick the color of plastic tooth-colored, with metal brackets, like this will not work. Talking about the high probability of failure of plastic braces, it's worth noting that there are models of plastic braces, reinforced by other materials to make the brackets strength. Often choose this type of braces, focusing on the fact that they look more natural than some other brackets and are cheaper.