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Dental Implants

Every adult in the life faced with the need to restore the dentition because of the loss of a tooth or teeth. Incomplete dentition delivers very uncomfortable during meals, in addition, significantly increases the load on the adjacent teeth and may develop a strain of bite. Along with this, the lack of teeth is an aesthetic problem and complicates communication with people, as humans develop complexes. Full restoration of the dentition is performed by several techniques, including both traditional and prosthetic restoration of teeth, and the latest advances in modern dentistry.

The most advanced technology recovery of lost teeth is the implantation. The essence of tooth implantation is that in the jaw bone is implanted prosthesis, an implant that replaces a missing tooth. The implant is a titanium screw with the outer crown: Titanium is the material is completely compatible with body tissues, and the crown is no different from natural tooth, while possessing high strength and resistance to stress. Implantology - the most promising to date, the direction of dentistry, as dental implant has a number of advantages compared with traditional methods of restoring the dentition.

Types of dental implantation

The choice of implant and method of tooth implantation are determined depending on the condition of bone quantity and location of missing teeth, as well as the individual characteristics of each patient. Generally speaking, the implantation of the teeth may be single-stage or two stage. In the first case of implantation of the implant is performed immediately after tooth extraction. During a one-step implantation into bone tissue is installed titanium screw with a temporary crown, which was subsequently replaced by a constant. Thus, immediately after the extraction, the patient receives a new prosthesis-implant and does not experience functional and psychological discomfort, usually accompanied by a loss of a tooth.

In most cases, dental implants in two stages: the first stage in the bone implant is implanted, and after a period of engraftment and healing of the screw is placed under the ceramic support. In the second step tooth implantation is being installed on a support permanent crown. This is a more lengthy procedure than the one-step implantation, but in some cases, it is this method is the only way to restore the tooth row, since the patient may be health problems or other contraindications. Besides, in case of damage to the crown it can be replaced, while the implant is used when a one-step implantation is a seamless design of the screw and mounts. In both cases, the cost of dental implants depends on whether the implant is installed domestic or imported, and prices of implants are determined by the complexity of the procedure being performed, type of implant (one-step or two-stage), the volume of the necessary preparatory work and other factors.