ОАО «Бел Стом Кристал»

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+375172853644 (факс)

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Пн - пт: 07.30 - 21.00
Сб: 09.00 - 15.00


Минск, ул. Захарова, д. 52, к. 2

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Medical tourism

If you are a citizen of the other state and want to receive dental help in the Republic of Belarus, but you don't know how to do it, specialists of the 9th dental clinic will render you a full complex of dental services from consultation to difficult types of prosthetics and implantation.

We render the following types of dental services:

  • prevention of dental diseases;
  • dental care, teeth whitening, whitening of a pulpless tooth, professional hygiene, art restoration of teeth, dental splinting, installation of veneers, etc.;
  • surgery (implantation of teeth, teeth extraction of different complexity, plastic of frenulum of tongue, lips and vestibule of mouth and etc.;
  • prosthetics (orthopedics) by means of removable and fixed dentures (simple removable dentures, clasp dental prostheses, dental prostheses "Quatrotti"), teeth prosthetics with metal ceramics and with gold;
  • orthodontic treatment (braces, removable plates);
  • physical therapy;
  • X-ray diagnostics.

Advantages of treatment in our policlinic:

  • the clinic has a team of highly qualified dentists of various specialization (doctors of the 1st and higher categories);
  • modern equipment and materials;
  • one year guarantee;
  • granting all types of dental services in one building;
  • location in the downtown (the underground stations "Ploshcha Peramogi" and "Praletarskaja", convenient transport connection);
  • convenient timetable (Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 21.00; Saturday: 09.00 - 15.00; Sunday and holidays: day off);
  • In our clinic foreign citizens are served according to the price list for the Belarussian citizens in 2020.

Note: For convenience of making an appointment with the doctor you can use the free Viber messenger by dialling the number +375 33 364 00 94. Every month we give free consultations by Skype, you can become familiar with the schedule on this page.

There are comfortable conditions, the heartiest welcome, the warm atmosphere and, of course, highly professional complex dental care in our dental clinic for you.

  CRYSTAL DENT Dental clinic "Bel Stom Crystal" offers for your convenience the help in booking the hotels and tickets.

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